Basic Prepper Skills

When you make the decision to become a prepper one of the most rewarding parts is developing all of the new skills that you must have to be fully prepared for disaster. There are some skills that are absolutely essential and if you do not have then it could mean all the difference between life and death. The two most important skills of that nature that you should have are building a fire and knowing how to use a weapon. Here are two reasons why those skills are important and what you should do to acquire them.

Building a Fire

If you want to be a prepper then you absolutely must know how to build a proper campfire. A campfire is one of those things that can be necessary in so many different situations that it can be used across the board. You need to learn important basics such as what kind of wood you should use. What kind of firestarters should you use such as matches or lighters. You also need to learn how to properly keep a fire going for long periods of time. These are all skills that can be the difference between life and death. You can learn more about firestarting here:

Using a Weapon

Using a weapon is a skill that you may not be too enthused about. After all, nobody wants to think about the possibility of having to defend themselves. However, it is still absolutely critical that you know how to properly handle a weapon, especially if you intend to hunt for your food. You need to know how to handle knives, crossbows, guns, and other type of weapons. You might be somewhat put off by the idea but it can be the biggest difference between life and death. You can learn more by clicking here.

Check out this video to learn more about firestarting: