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Health Issues Related to Black Mold Exposure

There are sometimes many things in a home that can cause people to have allergic reactions. Maybe someone in the house uses too much perfume. Pets like cats and dogs and others can cause allergies with their hair and dander that seems to get everywhere. Common household dust mites can be a problem too. It might be any one of these things making you feel ill, but what if it's not? What if it's mold of some kind, maybe black mold in your home?

Why Black Mold Is a Threat

Black mold, or stachybotrys chartarum to use the technical term for it, is a lot worse than any dust mites or pet dander. In fact, black mold in a home can even be deadly for some people, especially those that are already prone to allergic reactions or anyone that is already sick or infirm. Infirmities include those that already have a compromised immune systems like people battling cancer, Aids and many other diseases that can make the body more susceptible to harm. Young babies, children and even folks that are just elderly can be prone to have terrible reactions to the effects of black mold.

No Touch Required

You might think that you would have to actually touch the mold in order for it to bother you, but no, it is easily air born and can spread all throughout your home. Mold spores travel and they can come from any where in your house or apartment, even from the air vents. Mold could be the reason that you can smell that damp mustiness when you first turn on your cooling system in the late springtime and throughout the summer. Mold can get into the vents, air ducts and can even effect window air conditioners as well. Of course, other wetness in the home can cause mold, like water leaks, a flooding appliance, humidity from lack of proper venting and so on.

Here are some of the recurring symptoms you can look for when black mold is present:

Itchy/watery eyes – coughing – sneezing – swollen sinus

Rashes – respiratory infections – fatigue – asthma attacks – fever

These are the most common reg flags to look for when someone has been exposed to black mold. They can differ from regular cold or flu like symptoms because they will usually continue to plague a person as long as the mold is present.

Confirm Your Suspicions


If you suspect your home is contaminated with mold, especially deadly black mold, you need to find out for sure. Sometimes if you have had a water damage issue, it's easy to figure out where the mold might be coming from, even though you may not be able to see it. Places behind the wall, under cabinets, carpet or baseboards could still be wet and letting mold grow. The mold spores could have been picked up from the air and reached inside your cooling system where you can't see either.

The fastest way to find out if there is mold is to get a home mold test kit. Where to buy a black mold test kit is simple, just get it on line. There are lots of brands and types to choose from. Most kits can detect more than one kind of mold, but the black mold is the most serious. Many kits allow you to take samples and then get the results in as little as 5 minutes! No mailing the samples to labs and waiting for a response.

Bring In the Experts

If you get a positive black mold test result, then you can take further action. You may be able to sniff out and track down the mold yourself, but even if you do, you have to know how to kill it and get it gone completely. Calling in a professional water damage team at this point might be the smartest idea. They can find mold even when it is well hidden in the home and they have the tools and know how necessary to completely eliminate it for good! The health of your family, your pets and even the value of your home is too important to allow black mold to go undetected. For around $50 bucks or less you can know for sure if your home is contaminated or not in just a few easy steps with a home mold test kit.